How Rigging And Dogging Are Different?

Many people are not aware of the differences between the rigging and the dogging. It is generally assumed that both of these activities are the same. Even at some professional sites the terms are used interchangeably which creates further confusion in the minds of those coming across the terminologies. To be clear and avoid any wrong selections it is important to know about the difference of the two terminologies. Both these can be distinguished on the basis of the skills required, trainings and order picker course.

For those who are about to start a construction business or are already owning one it is essential to know how both of these stand apart from each other. Here in this blog we have sorted the differences between dogging and rigging.

What is dogging?

Dogging is known for two main features. His job is to facilitate the lifting of the heavy loads. He is the one who determines that how to carry a certain kind of load and so decides that which equipment is helpful. The time to time maintenance and inspection is also ensured by the dogman. With the regular inspections of the gears it becomes easier to keep the work going without interruption.

The dogger is also integral for the crane operators. As the operator lifts the loads and finds it going out of sight the things get risky. In this condition it is the dogman who can direct the operator to lift the loads in the right direction. 

While being at the site the dogman is assigned the following tasks:

  1. Making use of the different slinging techniques while handling the loads
  2. Assessing the loads
  3. Deciding the mode of lifting
  4. Maintenance of the equipment
  5. Assisting the crane operator

In order to become a dogman, it is important to get proper training in Access Training Centre which earns him a professional license at the end. This license is a must have specially for those who want to pursue the career in slinging techniques.

What is rigging?

Rigging is altogether a different kind of activity. The job is mostly mechanical. They have to handle the loads with the help of mechanical assistance. The job of erecting and dismantling the cranes is also there in the list of his job.

The rigging experts also have to earn a license. There are three different kinds of licenses. These licenses are earned according to the professional needs and requirements. these licenses are popularly known as basic, Intermediate and Advanced level licenses.