What’s The Difference Between Property And Engineering Survey?

The world is built by engineers. No engineers or architects can make any building without knowing the complete details of the land where it will be built. To get all the required details property surveys and engineering surveys are conducted. These surveys help to know about the land where the building will be made. There is a difference between property surveys and engineering surveys. Usually, both are required before planning any construction project. But not every property survey needs to immediately follow by an engineering survey. In terms of construction planning, both have different purposes.

Property survey:

Usually, the property surveys are done at the time of acquisition of any property. For instance, you need to buy a piece of land for investment or a future construction project. The property survey will be conducted to check the history of the property and all the legal documents related to it. Plus, surveyors will ensure there is no disputation of the property that can harm their client in future. Also, property surveys are conducted by banks or other financial institutions while providing finance to buy any property. When you are buying the house, then you must go for a property survey as it will provide you with surety about the legality of the property. Spending some money on property surveys will save you from any dispute in future. Plus, the property survey can provide the updated map and report of the property. For any large-scale project, the property survey is mandatory.

Engineering survey:

There is a difference between property surveys and engineering surveys. The engineering survey in adeliade will be conducted after the property survey, the report shared in property surveys can be sued in the engineering survey. The engineering survey is primarily related to the construction of the project. In an engineering survey, the estimates of the construction of material will be calculated. The design and BOQs (bill of quantities) are reviewed to get the final quantities that will be required to construct the project. Without an engineering survey, the construction cost cannot be estimated. Also, the structure design and integrity are vetted in the engineering survey, any gaps in the designs are improved so that a safe and strong structure can be made.

The engineering survey is also critical for the budgeting of the project because without knowing the quantities and labour needed on the site, there is no chance to establish the project budget. There can be variation in survey quantities and consumed quantities but without an engineering survey, the resource allocation cannot be done. The engineering survey should be carried out by an engineering consultant who has an engineering background. The engineering survey can be said as the backbone of the project budgeting and planning. After the property survey, the engineering survey is also needed to get the actual cost of any construction project.